Ideas on fixing a broken webcontext

Hey All -
Running Lucee
I installed the H2 driver and the .lex for the code coverage extension this morning and my web site (webcontext) broke stat. …

Update - turns out the extension has its own application.cfc and the installer process (both using a .lex deployment as well as using the built in admin extension install) just overwrote my application.cfc

I will post a bug on it the github repo, once I have confirmed it wasn’t any mistake I was making.

that sucks, I assume you mean extension from @markdrew, the h2 extension has only a few files

As per the

This extension should NOT be deployed on a live system. It’s meant to be used as part of an investigation or your testing process. DO. NOT. RUN. ON. A. LIVE. SYSTEM.
You have been warned.

Are you saying it overwrote an Application.cfc, that shouldn’t break a web context?

Thanks so much for the response. Yup - the Mark drew extension. Yes - it wasn’t on an external customer facing system.
The readme on the extension says that it is rough and ready, so I was forewarned. I am making coding changes to make it functional though as I think it has a lot of potential, especially after adding exclusions and error handling.
If I can make it solid enough then I was thinking about adding it to a new prod node that (through a load-balancer) gets say 0.5% of traffic (on a large site), so that over the course of a month, I could get some decent code coverage info, at the expense of a small subset of users getting a slower than usual response (albeit on a server that is not doing much work). I would do extensive testing on this - before going this route though.

My other option (which I haven’t tried yet but might be less risky) is using FusionReactor line perf. profiler - ColdFusion Line Perf
and mining the data to estimate code coverage (again on a node that is getting minimal traffic).

no don’t do that

replay traffic logs in dev

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