IDE Choices

Hi Gang,
At the moment I am using the free version of VSCode for my IDE and the KamasamaK extension for CFML support.

It works well - mostly - but it has a few issues that I find annoying and was hoping to get some advice on what IDE’s / extensions etc everyone is using - so that I can trial a few different flavours / configurations and end up with one that I like best.

Thanks - as always!

for debuggery, VS Studio with CFML, CFMLINT, Autotag
for lazy programming or quick and dirties, notepad++ or vi

For GUI Dev - Dreamweaver MX, note this is ultra dated by any standards for today. QuillJS is being baked into a project I am working on.

For SQL, hediSQL

Haven’t tried this one yet


Hey Terry,
Which CFML extension (there are a few) are using, please?

Here is what I use for VS Studio for ColdFusion
coldfusion - Visual Studio Marketplace

CFLint - Visual Studio Marketplace

HCL AppScan CodeSweep - Visual Studio Marketplace

CFML Component Paths - Visual Studio Marketplace

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Thanks very, Terry.
I have installed them and will use them for the next few days, see how I go.


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