ICYMI: Announcing Lucee 5.2.7-final

Question: What do you do when you’re the Product Manager, and you’re two weeks late in announcing the hard-wrought work of your development team? You add “ICYMI” to the title. Problem solved.


The good news is that Micha, Igal, Pothys and the rest of the development team did indeed ship on time :tada:

After a month in Release Candidate status, the final build of Lucee 5.2.7 ( made its way to the download site on May 4, 2018. Once again, there were no regressions reported during the RC period in April.

As you may recall from the 5.2.7 RC announcement, Lucee 5.2.7 covered what may be an all-time record number of tickets for a monthly sprint.

Here’s a look at the final change log (you may need to switch to your cinema display to see the whole thing):

The May 2018 sprint is underway. This one is pretty full already, since we’re well into the month, but as always please do let us know what tickets are bugging you the most. (See what I did there?) Oh, on the topic of cheerleading for tickets, @Zackster refreshed an old post on upvoting, adding in a comment this week. Go check it out, and then go upvote tickets you think need more attention.

Lucee 5.2.8-RC will be out in early June. Also, ICYMI (again), Lucee 5.3-beta shipped this month too.

Thanks for listening! Holler at me with any and all questions/comments.


You are going to have to explain to me in what world having the change log be a picture instead of text makes any sense.
It even teases me by having different colours for the issues links that I can’t click :slight_smile:

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I have no clue what search @IamSigmund ran to get that list, but here’s a JIRA search I just created that shows all deployed ticket with a fix version greater than the previous release of and less than or equal to the new release. Well, actually the new release is but JIRA only has I never really understand when versions get added in JIRA…


Issue Key Summary
LDEV-1778 Dynamic Proxies through no class defined exceptions
LDEV-1760 MySQL ORM Dialect in Application.cfc no longer auto-detects
LDEV-1755 Performance of loading hundreds of timezones on startup
LDEV-1751 for loops should auto cast numbers to strings (i.e. treat them as a single member list)
LDEV-1749 when an extension holds a non OSGi Bundle jar it fails
LDEV-1744 “/” application mapping overrules config mappings
LDEV-1743 LSNumber doen’t work above
LDEV-1742 Broken URLs for background images in WAR deployment
LDEV-1739 allow to set tag and function directory via system.property or env variable
LDEV-1738 downgrade from 5.3 to 5.2 lead to reports of unsupported extensions.
LDEV-1736 server scope can no longer be serialized
LDEV-1733 change on default bufferoutput behaviour causes problems
LDEV-1731 application.mappings.allowRelPath
LDEV-1729 NPE calling expandPath() from JSR-223
LDEV-1719 bad performance cachedwithin-function
LDEV-1718 Creating a / mapping causes incorrect path expansions
LDEV-1713 improve logging for missing extensions in deploy.log
LDEV-1700 Context Time Zone Affects Server-Wide Time Zone
LDEV-1689 show blocking info in request timeout log
LDEV-1688 add datasource appender for log4j
LDEV-1686 server update doesn’t handle http errors
LDEV-1683 passing component on missing constructor invokes implicit setters
LDEV-1681 JDBC Extension identifier
LDEV-1679 invoke() called with arguments, wipes out the arguments
LDEV-1674 Extension with classis jars create nullpointer exception on deployment
LDEV-1667 numberFormat does not work properly anymore with Lucee 5.2.6.x
LDEV-1665 email addresses with german umlauts are not validated correctly
LDEV-1662 cflocation output html with plain text url (XSS possibility)
LDEV-1654 hidden CFX C++ admin page still references bitbucket instead of jira
LDEV-1640 Java heap memory exhaustion, pegged CPU, and unresponsive server
LDEV-1553 TimeSpan cannot be casted implicitly as Boolean
LDEV-1549 cffile - mimetype of MS Office files incorrect in
LDEV-1547 argument validation error exposes template path
LDEV-1544 Server is returning exception-message header
LDEV-1496 Updating MySQL driver to 6.0.2 breaks existing datasource connections
LDEV-1480 cachedwithin with a timespan of 0 creates cache keys in redis
LDEV-1389 Threading issue: the thread scope cannot be modified from outside the owner thread
LDEV-1349 Strange “String index out of range: -7” in Mura CMS/plugins
LDEV-1267 With complete null support, nulls in an array cannot be referenced by index
LDEV-1217 exception-message HTTP header presents security risk of information disclosure
LDEV-1147 cfstoredproc fails with parameters when called by synonym which contains #
LDEV-1064 alias ignored with attributecollection
LDEV-1023 Lucene CFINDEX ClassNotFoundException
LDEV-1003 Attribute ‘key’ is not allowed for tag cfftp
LDEV-574 DollarFormat does not round up
LDEV-555 BinaryDecode fails when decoding strings with = at end
LDEV-546 dateDiff() option for milliseconds

Sorry, I can’t figure out for the life of me how to export a version from JIRA that will keep the links :confused:

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Oh nice, I just realized that the screen shot in Patrick’s post came from the download site (which pulls from JIRA somehow). The words “change log” are a link that will take you there.

LDEV-1573 is only 5.3. I think your pulling extra.


show source file line number in query debugging

Yeah, that’s weird. Here’s the JIRA search I used:

project = LDEV 
AND fixVersion > 
and fixVersion <= 
and status = Deployed

I guess we know how well JIRA search works! Let me just replace that list with a copy/paste from the release page since Micha must have some special search critera that doesn’t suck as bad as the built-in JIRA search. (Queue @modius to point out how much JIRA sucks…)

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@thefalken, screenshots of our change logs have become something of a tradition in our release posts. They say a good presentation should always include pics of puppies and babies, or maybe something sexy. A pic of our changelog is about as cute as we can find around here. :wink:

And yes, we have less than perfect (#understatement) integration between our build system, the download site, and Jira, with regard to slight differences in ticket lists. I know I’d like not to have to analyze 6 different JQL recordsets in order to write a release post. :wink: On my list of things to clean up a bit.

@Zackster, on my watch list!

Hi @IamSigmund,

We have been trying to get this one fixed for a while. It’s been a blocker for us. It seems to have been fixed in a previous version (4.5) but not the current version.

Please upvote!



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Why ?

Are they in some way better than just a list of links to the real
issues ?


IIRC, I think it has to do with formatting problems when pasting into the WYSIWYG in the forum, which is Markdown-based. I’ll take another look to see if we can improve on just linking over to the changelog, as we do now.