I want to try RC

Without the windows installer, I’m lost as to how to implement this version (I’m currently on and found no document to guide me in the Express download. Could someone kindly help me out?

The download page has a command you can copy paste into CommandBox to start up a server of that version. No need to actually install the server.

Once installed, you can always upgrade/downgrade via the server admin

Thanks for that I didn’t even know the facility was there. Unfortunately, it merely says:

There is no update available for your version ( Latest version is [].

and offers me no other choice. Also, I guess this would only do Lucee and not include Tomcat?

Brad_Wood: I’ll have a look at that - thanks.

Got up and running and when trying to create the database, struck the same problem I had with - Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect. I see there is a current discussion about that and I’ll check that out.

EDIT: OK, I think I now understand.