I can't find the latest updates on my home page of forum

For a few days, I can’t find the latest updates on my home page.

In the screenshot, as you can see, there is only the post “SAST tool needed for Lucee”. But there are many other new ones.
Does it just happen to me ?

I tried to log out and reconnect, but nothing has changed.

In “preference” i’ve got this:


Any idea?

Yeah, I’ve seen the same issue too. I’ve pinged @Zackster two days ago, who pinged @modius about it on slack.

E.g., as soon as you log out of the community site, you are able to see the latest updates/posts in the “latest” view. But as soon as you log in, they (or some posts) disappear from your personal “latest” view again.

I:m pretty sure, they are on it.

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I am now seeing a “Last Visit” marker…
Perhaps it has been fixed?

yep. seems solved

I’m experiencing it again :confused:

the last visit works, but everything is bold right?

What happens is that some new threads are completly ommited when I’m logged in. Sometimes I receive a summary email containing a link to a new thread. When I click that, I get to the thread, but it’s ommited in my “latest” view when logged in(with my google account using oAuth). As soon as I log out I can see them in the “latest” view. Then I log in again, they disappear.

Herena screenshot:

I am experiencing the same issues. It seems posts with the ‘support’ category do not show up properly unless I actually search for that category??? I may just be going insane though.

The ‘last visit’ does not seem to register properly that I have looked at posts either.

Ditto here. In fact, support isn’t in the all categories dropdown even when I’m logged out. So either you’re not insane, or we’re all experiencing mass hallucinations.

I realized I was experiencing the same. The dev category is back (I thought it was missing yesterday) when I looked for all categories. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Today I did have to change the notification back to normal for it to show up in the “latest” view.


@Phillyun I think that was a good tip. I went through “all categories” to the bottom to find several categories “muted”. Unmuted them and now I’m seeing more threads in my “latest” list. Can’t tell how these categories got muted.


Just realized that some posts didn’t reach me at all: Even @Zackster 's video session with Michaela was omitted in my list :/. Good he notified us also via slack and Twitter. :tada: Great video Zac!!!

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Not good for me because I don’t do social media and Slack isn’t letting me log in to the CFML group despite having received an invite (and I gave up on the latter after reading about how Slack doesn’t archive well).

I unmuted those categories as well, and yet there’s seems to also be a major bug with the subcategories under news. The news blog page, for starters, only displays the header (in Firefox desktop for Linux), and clicking anything in the header results in bizarre behavior such as one or two duplicates of the header displaying below the original, or only a few topics being displayed. The same bug exists in news release and news ilovelucee, even after unmuting all three subcategories.

Here’s a screenshot:

Good catch @Phillyun, I had not noticed that. I can see far more forum threads now.