I can't find the latest updates on my home page of forum

For a few days, I can’t find the latest updates on my home page.

In the screenshot, as you can see, there is only the post “SAST tool needed for Lucee”. But there are many other new ones.
Does it just happen to me ?

I tried to log out and reconnect, but nothing has changed.

In “preference” i’ve got this:


Any idea?

Yeah, I’ve seen the same issue too. I’ve pinged @Zackster two days ago, who pinged @modius about it on slack.

E.g., as soon as you log out of the community site, you are able to see the latest updates/posts in the “latest” view. But as soon as you log in, they (or some posts) disappear from your personal “latest” view again.

I:m pretty sure, they are on it.

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I am now seeing a “Last Visit” marker…
Perhaps it has been fixed?

yep. seems solved