Huge lucee folder in windows 2012


hi all, we migrated from railo on win 2008R2 to lucee on win 2012 and one day suddenly I got no more disc pace error, my wwwroot folder where all the sites and apps are stored is only about 2GB and then we noticed when looking at lucee folder properties that lucee folder is a whopping 31GB on disc ? What on earth is causing that ? Can that be reduced ?
Any ideas please ?


please always state the version number when reporting problems

my bet is it’s a log file, as you have access to the server, you can do a simple search
via windows explorer to see which files are taking up space


thanks for your quick response
Version Lucee
Windows Server 2012R2 Datacenter
Yes you are right, C:\lucee\tomcat\logs there are 2 files that are huge:
lucee-stderr.2017-06-20.log 15GB
lucee-stderr.2017-07-14.log 17GB

Can I simply delete these files ?
And why are they getting so big do you think ?
Thanks again


You may have to stop your Lucee / Tomcat service to do so. However deleting log files is not an issue.

You can first try to delete them by command line

del *.log C:\lucee\tomcat\logs


as they are error logs, just have a look at what is being thrown (i.e. logged)

it’s all the stack traces which make them really verbose (and large)


I’m guessing you might be seeing a lot of 404s with stacktraces?

Lucee currently logs the whole stack trace which is totally unnecessary for 404 requests

404 lucee-stderr log entries don’t need a verbose stacktrace