How would you access serial port comm

I am looking for guidance on how to access a serial comm port data locally on the device running Lucee. If anyone has done this before and they can share code snippets or help me with some direction on the best way to accomplish this?

Was thinking about using an external jar file like this:

If you have any experiences/suggestions to offer please help me out.


Is this in reference to a Raspberry Pi? If so, use the Pi4j library. I show how to do it on my Pi blog that I linked you to on the other thread.

Thanks for the reply,

I did read your blog, I thought the Pi4j library was for the Pi’s GPIO pins. I see the Pi4j library says it supports - Send & receive data via RS232 serial communication. I’m looking to connect via a FTDI USB on say com3.

Thank you for pointing that out I totally would have missed that. I’m going to give that a try.