How to upgrade to from a script (CentOS 7)?

The installer works great for new instances, but how can I upgrade existing linux servers without having to use the Lucee Admin UI?

Is there a procedure documented somewhere?
Or has anyone done this and can give up some clues?


Pretty sure you can just drop the .lco update file in /patches and restart tomcat?

Other posts had mentioned things like jdbc drivers, plugins, libraries, JDK, etc.
Anything else I might need to look out for?

Can the installer be run on top of an existing installation?
It looks like it might move the current directories aside, then does a standard install.
(What happens to existing application content and config files?)

Such as /var/www/public_html, and /opt/lucee/tomcat/webapps/ROOT ???

Documentation for Lucee can be found on Most of the documentation for upgrading Lucee talks about updating Lucee specifically, rather than your whole stack, because people use Lucee in different ways and even for people who use common install methods (like the installer), they have different goals with their upgrades.

For the installer, you CAN run a new install over an old install, but your server (as in Lucee server admin) files will be overwritten. This is not something that I would personally suggest.

Instead, what we do in our shop is create a backup of the /opt/lucee directory, uninstall (your individual site configs are stored in their respective WEB-INF directories, so you don’t lose those when you uninstall), and then do a new, clean install. After you’ve cleanly installed again, go to your backup, and restore either specific files or pieces of files. For example, you might restore your entire tomcat server.xml file, but in your Lucee server config, only restore the DSN’s or other specific info that you can pull from the Lucee config file backup.

In this way, your entire stack is refreshed, and requires relatively minimal effort.