How to rotate j2ee session?


how can I rotate the session id if I’m using this.sessionType = 'j2ee'; ? sessionRotate() seems not to work.

Using latest lucee.

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@gunnar.lieb can you please file a bug in Jira for this issue: ?

Also please share your code to replicate the issue in that ticket

I’m not sure if this is really a bug or some information missing in the documentation.
Please see here Any gotchas with sessionRotate()?

Igal wrote:

When you use JEE Sessions Lucee has no control over the session or the cookie, so SessionRotate() will not work.

Consult your Servlet Container’s documentation for a similar solution, and if you find one please post it here as well for the benefit of others.

I’m still wondering how to make this work with Tomcat

You should be able to use getPageContext().getRequest.changeSessionId()


Thanks, that worked!