How to manually refresh/re-check .LAR file mapping(s)?

Hi guys. Stack info first:

OS: Linux (5.4.59) 64bit
Java Version: 11.0.11 (AdoptOpenJDK) 64bit
Tomcat Version: Apache Tomcat/9.0.11
Lucee Version:

Okay, I want to have a permanent/persistent mapping, created in the Administrator, that has a virtual path (like /example) that’s mapped to a .LAR file (that of course contains cfm class files), nothing special there.

The special part is that the .LAR file will not be present at the designated location when the Lucee server starts up. At some point later, just before the stuff in the /example virtual path is actually used, the .LAR file will be put in its proper place.

My problem is, Lucee appears to check the mapping’s validity (including the .LAR file’s existence or nonexistence) seemingly when the Lucee server first starts up, and if the .LAR file is absent, even if it’s later put into place, Lucee will act as if it’s absent (giving “not found” type of errors).

My question is: after I put the .LAR file in its proper place, how do I then tell Lucee to “re-check” the mapping so it’ll start working? Other than a server restart, I mean!

I assumed Lucee would check in realtime, and the mapping would not work when the .LAR file is absent, and would work when it’s present. Apparently it’s not like that!

Any command to tell Lucee “hey the .LAR file is present now, so please look/try again!” ?

Thanks guys!

upgrade to

Can’t right now. Good to know it was fixed in a later version though!

Anyone know a “hey Lucee look again, the .LAR file is there now!” command that’ll work in Thanks!

Zackster, do you know for sure that this is corrected in the latest Lucee (, or were you just speculating or assuming it is?

Because I might be able to do an upgrade after all, but I’d like to know that it’s actually fixed in the new version first. Namely, that there can be a standing/permanent map from a virtual path to a .LAR file in the admin, and at Lucee startup the .LAR file can be absent, but then later made present just before the virtual path is actually used, and it’ll work.

Thanks for the help!

Invalid Mappings do get rechecked in a more recent version than you are using.

You’ll need to test and let us know.

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@Zackster usually don’t speculate like that. If he said there are later versions that have fixes for such an issue, you can consider it as being the truth, and not just an assumption. But that does not guarantee it will work on your environment. Nobody will know for sure if this issue is the same. To do that, you need to verify yourself.

Don’t you have a developing environment so you can just test it? What do you do if you need to add other “new” features to your production environment? If you have no dev environment, don’t you have the ability to backup and roll back if something goes wrong? I hope the Lucee fixes will work for you

any updates?