How to implement websocket on cluster server

i’m use Lucee WebSockets Extension on Lucee and it’s run, but not work on other server.
How to implement websocket on cluster server?

I am working on the same thing right now and just finally got it working. Basically what you need to do is setup a PUB/SUB server to relay the websocket messages to all the nodes, for this I used Redis. I had to create an event gateway to make this happen. I need to test it further but when I am done testing and cleaning up the code I plan to make it open source so that it can help others.

I ported this project over to Lucee and made several modifications

Here is more information


Great, that is six month old code in the repo. We are looking forward to an update in this area.

@John_Farrar and @orangenafs Here is a post I made relating to the project I was working on to get clustered websockets working.

Here is the Github link to the project