How to hack on the Lucee Server Code base

Here’s my talk and workshop on how to hack on the Lucee code base at CFCAMP 2023


Dear Lucee Core Team and @Zackster! It was truly amazing being @cfCamp23 and meeting you guys and all the other CFML celebrities there. It’s awesome to meet many of our CFML community there, and Lucee giving all the support along with all other CfCamp organizers, coordinators, sponsors etc. CFML is such an awesome language with lots of disinformation around that have been archived for more than 15 years, but not updated. I have so many ideas and modern content that I’d like to blog post about CFML and Lucee, but time has always been short. Whenever I can, I’ll be contributing to Lucee however I can. If it’s not money, it will be my time and experience with Lucee and CFML.

I thank you so much for mentioning me during your awesome presentation and the talking at the camp. I consider it as my duty/obligation to the core team to support you guys whenever I can.

I love CFML and I love Lucee!