How to get started with Fw1 framework


Any good resource on getting started with FW1 framework?

Many thanks.

Hey there,

The official documentation is a great start - Getting Started with FW/1 | FW/1 - The Invisible Framework.

You can also get relatively fast responses to any questions you may have in the FW/1 channel of the CFML Slack. Sign up through if you’re not already a part of the community there.

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to what @tonyjunkes already said, I just would like to add: Taking a quick tour into the code examples application of FW/1 is a very good starting point in combination with the documentation. In my opinion using CommandBox is the best/quickest way to install or launch the fw/1 example app.

  1. First make sure you have CommandBox installed.
  2. Start a terminal and start CommandBox by entering:
  3. Then install the add-on named ‘FW/1 Commands’ by entering
    install fw1-commands.
  4. Still in your terminal go to a location of your choice and create a folder named ‘myFW1Examples’ and change into that directory
  5. To install the fw/1 examples application just type:
    fw1 create app myFW1Examples examples --installFW1
    This will create the example app for you.
  6. To start the server and launch the application type:
    server start
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Thank you both.
The FW1 readme doc does not seem to include version info, maybe I missed it.
Yes, the "examples " are helpful.

For the user.cfc under /fw1/examples/userManager/controllers,
line 24, “getUserService()”, where is this function defined?

to complete the cross-post on slacks FW1 channel, the getter is very probably set here by the components attibute ‘accessor=true’ directive in line 1 of the component: