How To: Connecting a Serial Device to a Webserver

Hey folks,

I just wrote up a blog post outlining my week or so adventure on figuring out how to use Lucee & Java to read data from a serial port. My application is for a couple of weigh scales connected to our shipping system but could be used for almost any application that needs to talk to a serial device.

I found no Lucee/CFML related search results on how to do this so maybe it will help someone else out. (and tips on improving things are always welcome)


This is awesome! Just bookmarked it! Thank you for the great write up.

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Thank you for this useful content.

“No code survives real world testing” - Every coder everywhere?

A revised and updated version of this walkthrough that’s actually in production as of this week.

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Awesome blog, very interesting real world solution, I’ve bookmarked it!
(Small niggle: You might want to consider changing the font-size to 14px and (darker) color to #04061a as I found it hard to read)

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