How to change ROOT path per site

Afternoon all, still trying to finalize a move from an old Railo box. I did a binary install of the latest, and have 7 or so sites to get up. I don’t remember the order with my vhost/lucee setup, but all the sites are under /var/www/site-folder. Apache is setup correctly as the sites by ServerName or ServerAlias and going to the right place.

So the problem is I have; that is working with Lucee, things are parsing. is going to the right apache folder, the right log, but getting the nice yellow error page;

Page /adminMenu.iws [/opt/lucee/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/adminMenu.iws] not found

So this is where I am confused. I have a few more sites to add, but need to make sure Lucee knows what the correct root path is. So, am I supposed to manually edit the tomcat/server.xml file, the web.xml file, or is there a simple way in the GUI. I do see the site show up on the overview and see the web context is the wrong root path, but you can’t change there.


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OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Lucee Version:

Solved. This can be closed.

Can you explain how you solved it?