How pass send empty char strings to the database?

Is there any way to send an empty string to a DB table column? We are doing an ACF11 → Lucee 5.4 conversion and I have just come up against this issue.
Lucee is throwing an error because the table column doesn’t support NULLs. In ACF, it would happily INSERT an empty string.

Rather than having to enable something, at the server level, only, maybe we could also have a way of setting it at a Query level.

We could use an attribute in both:



allowEmptyStrings = true [false by default]

Or you could have a setting in the Server Admin that allows NULL behaviour to be altered for Queries, independently.

Query: allow empty strings:  true/false

We already made a breaking change in Lucee 6 to match ACF behaviour

LDEV-4410 stop queryparam casting empty strings to nulls

what datatype is the queryparam?

varchar never had this auto casting to null?

other types like numeric did

but no longer in 6

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It is:



Any empty string is sent as a NULL to the DB, which causes an error, because we have this column set to ALLOW NULL = false


I have set it to VARCHAR and everything works as expected. Thanks for the explanation.
I am not sure whether the way the CHAR type is handled, is correct or not?

yeah, char is a strange old beast

null is a very generic topic! cfparam only shares a name with with cfquery/proc param.

ok, I have confirmed locally (with mysql), please file a bug

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Is that a comment:

// if(str!=null && str.length()==0) str=null;


case Types.CHAR:
String str = Caster.toString(value);
// if(str!=null && str.length()==0) str=null;
stat.setObject(parameterIndex, str, type);
//// stat.setString(parameterIndex,str);

Telling us what will happen to a CHAR? I can’t tell? Or is it actual code that was commented out and just left there? If it is just a description, then I guess we have the reason, why it is being passed as NULL?

Anyway, I will file a bug for this…

file the bug, i already have a fix and test case coverage

fix in and

if you don’t already, please consider supporting us!

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