How many records can a cfquery handle?

curious if anyone has ever tested how many records/rows a cfquery can handle? Is there a limitation or is the limitation available memory? And if So how would I compute what my limits might be. Dealing with some large record sets that may not be able to be reduced.


yeah, memory is the limiting factor. You can always just assign more to lucee

the other option is to use cfquery lazy=true which doesn’t load the whole resultset

I suggest not worrying about it first, just try it out and then tweak your approach if you encounter problems

@nalbee In addition to what @Zackster suggested, you could also paginate through the data with maxRows and some sequential identifier (id row).

Depending on your underlying SQL engine/version, I would paginate with the SQL techniques specific to your engine/version.

SQL2012+ you could use: OFFSET x ROWS FETCH NEXT y ROWS ONLY,

or MySQL you could use LIMIT y OFFSET x


– Denny