How do you go about getting cf/lucee work / job?

Any insights? Thanks.

I have worked as a CF programmer for the last 20 years. Most of that time as a contract programmer. I search the job boards and send out lots of resumes. I also make sure that my skillset it up-to-date. Some places require a skills test for employment. I have went the certification route twice, CF 5 and CF 8 but no one ever seemed to care about it. I never landed a job that used Railo or Lucee. Therefore you will need to be versed in Adobe CF also. I write all of my personal stuff in Lucee but I program in Adobe CF at work.

Smaller shops will want you to do development in a number of technologies:

  • SQL - SQL Server or MySQL being the most used
  • Javascript - framework of the week issues here

I stopped trying to keep up with the Javascript stuff. Pick one and become good at it.

The number one advice is being willing to move to a new location. I have moved 6 times to a new state over the last 20 years. I live in Oklahoma now. Some states in the USA have more CF work then others so you might keep that in mind. For me the moving part is not a problem but your mileage might vary. My wife and kids think of it as an adventure.


Interesting story.

Imho, cf + db design & sql + js are basic requirements for an experienced coldfusion developer and such a developer should be able to handle an entire project from scratch by himself / herself if necessary.

I agree with your assessment. I worked at the University of North Carolin. They handled projects, at that time, one developer to a project. I wrote everything to include the design.

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