How can i spec cookie.CFID for subdomain

Hello all,

My web server served multiple sub-domains, so i want cookie.CFID value to set for each sub domain, not for root domain default, currently AND have the same CFID value in same browser and domain for cookie was set too “”. I want cookie to set CFID for each sub domain separately.
Do someone face with this situation?



Thanks, i was set it

this.clientManagement = false;
this.sessionManagement = true;
this.setDomainCookies = true;

But cookie domain still root domain like this:

Were the cookies already set? Does it happen in incognito/private browsing mode?

Hi Zac,
Thanks for your check on this. I cleared the cookies, restart Lucee server and and it still the same issue. CFID have the same value in normal chrome tabs, not private. so i access to 2 subdomains store and have the same CFID value. Did you face with this issue before?

Thanks for your reply on this topic. Finally i found out the issue with Scope setting. i was reset to default setting for Scope setting and it worked.