Hibernate extension auto-updating

I’m running latest version of Lucee 5.2, but with the Hibernate ORM extension downgraded to, since that is that last version that actually seems to work (see previous threads).

However, every now and again, Lucee seems to decide to upgrade this and run the latest version of Hibernate ORM, which doesn’t work for me. So I have to go in and manually downgrade again (once my users have discovered that the website is broken).

It happens when I haven’t upgraded anything else, although it might possibly be when I’ve restarted the Lucee service (and even if so, it’s not every time).

Any ideas why this might be happening? I’m assuming the latest version of the extension is also on the server somewhere as a disabled extension - might it help if I delete this?


I too am having this issue and this is frustrating. Our application also requires Any assistance on how to prevent the auto updating would be great. Thanks.

@sebduggan, @pflynn02 In server there is no assistance to prevent the auto updating extensions. So I would recommend you to address this issue in https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/ about the latest version Hibernate ORM extension version.

@cfmitrah Are you saying that we need to open a ticket regarding how Hibernate is not meeting our needs or that we should open a ticket requesting the ability to disable automatic updates?

@pflynn02, Please open the ticket regarding about what the issue you are facing in latest version that could be done on older version.

This is the ticket I opened in February:


And it looks like there are other issues with recent Hibernate versions:


For now, I have manually removed the later version of the Hibernate ORM JAR from the lucee-server directory - I reckon it’s unlikely to download an updated version, but the issue might be that it was sometimes picking up the newer version that it had already downloaded (if so, this might be a bug in the “downgrade extension” functionality…)