Hero Dogs of Lucee

Each minor and major release of Lucee server is named after a heroic canine.

6.0: Swansea Jack

Swansea Jack is a retriever and the only dog to have been awarded two bronze medals (‘the canine V.C.’).

5.3: Gelert

5.2: Kabang

Kabang is an Aspin/Askal who lost her nose rescuing two kids from a motorcycle accident.

5.1: Bretagne

5.0: Velvet

4.5: Neo

We normally mention the canine patron in the web admin. And you can always check the main manifest:

Who’s your favourite?


Neo of course!!!

+1 Neo, Neo as Gerts and Tanjas dog (founder Railo) that sadly passed away
you also see the version name in your server scope