Help with Lucee seach of collections

I am moving a site that uses collections from CF 8 (verity) to Lucee. I
have set up the collection and it works but search results are different
than on the same collection on CF 8.
For criteria we dynamically build a string to submit to the cfsearch. Of
course this is using the verity method for example:

CF_CUSTOM1 atmospheric AND CF_CUSTOM2 melancholy

WHEN we run this search in CF we get less results.

It looks like Lucee is always searching the BODY part of the collection
where CF is only searching the custom fields, so the lucy search
is for example including matches in the product keywords which are included
in the collection BODY?

Is there a way to get more control over the results Lucee returns? For
example to make it not search the BODY portion of the collection if custom
fields are specified?

Could we use the SOLR criteria syntax to get more control over results

here is the index code used to populate the collection:

<cfindex action=“UPDATE”


Any help appreciated as Lucee is new to me, thanks!

I think I’m having the same problem: I have used custom fields with ACF11, and I’m trying to get that to work with Lucee but having no luck. The syntax in Lucee seems to be different, but there are no example and I don’t know if it supports the same features.
I get no error when indexing, but when searching I only get results when using column names as a search value (instead of column values).

Is there any way to use custom fields with Lucee ?