Help with Flash Remoting

I have a Server 2016 set up wth 2 sites; one with a PHP app serving out flash objects and a second site (using Coldfusion) with a load of code for Flash Remoting called by the Flash objects.
I have installed Lucee on a new server. The flash remoting appears to work on and I need to know how to get IIS to send the flash remoting requests to the right place, and where to put all the code for the remote calls. I installed ISAPI redirect to redirect to Tomcat for the CFC files (which works) but that’s not helping with the flash remoting calls.
Can anyone provide some pointers?

Do you get a white screen when you visit:

If yes - you should be good to go – if not, do a google search for Railo flex2gateway – you should find threads to get you going.

Post back if you run into a dead end

Yes, I get a blank screen. I got one of the developers to set up a test SWF and this is what I get back from the remoting call. The FRTest.cfc file is in the root of the web site


code[1] Server.Processing rootCausedetailsmessage[1]?No destination with id ‘FRTest’ is registered with any service.

Is there some difference with the way this works in CF?
I have to create a destination in remoting-config.xml ?
The destination id needs to be in the submitted remoting request?
NOTE: I have removed the {context.root} part from the channel definition but it still behaves the same with it

If I put “cs” (destination id) in the remoting request I get a null pointer exception because it can’t find something. Anything else gets me the "No destination with id ‘…’ message


        <channel-definition id="classic-cfamf" class="mx.messaging.channels.AMFChannel">
            <endpoint uri="http://{}:{server.port}/flashservices/gateway/" class="flex.messaging.endpoints.AMFEndpoint"/>


<service id="remoting-service" 
        <adapter-definition id="cf-object" class="" default="true"/>
        <adapter-definition id="java-object" class=""/>
        <channel ref="my-cfamf"/>
        <channel ref="classic-cfamf"/>

    <destination id="cs">
            <channel ref="classic-cfamf"/>

We have this running in a Linux environment. We don’t require a destination in the remoting-config.xml

Do you have your web.xml configured with the MessageBrokerservlet with the location of the services-config.xml? e.g.

<servlet id="MessageBrokerServlet"><servlet-name>MessageBrokerServlet</servlet-name>
<description>Lucee Servlet for Flex Gateway</description>

what do you have in your services-config.xml & remoting-config.xml?
What you show here is the same as I have. I have tried removing the destination from the remoting config but it doesn’t change anything. I am starting to think the develper who’s doing the flash stuff isn’t putting the destination into the flash config right so it won’t work.

Attached are the configuration files off WEB-INF/flex

messaging-config.xml (506 Bytes) proxy-config.xml (938 Bytes) remoting-config.xml (711 Bytes) services-config.xml (7.3 KB)

thanks @pat.moody but this is the same as what I have. Could you also post your web.xml file from the lucee config level?
I have been bashing my head against this for 3 days now :frowning:

This is the output from the BlazeDS debug set here - I would be interested to see what you get on a successful call

        <target class="flex.messaging.log.ConsoleTarget" level="debug">
[BlazeDS]01/21/2020 09:46:57.216 [INFO] [Endpoint.General] Channel endpoint classic-cfamf received request.
[BlazeDS]01/21/2020 09:46:57.263 [DEBUG] [Endpoint.AMF] Deserializing AMF/HTTP request
Version: 0
  (Message #0 targetURI=FRTest.dataTest, responseURI=/1)
    (Array #0)
      [0] = (Object #1)
        tstNum = 0.0
        id = "ColdFusion"
        destination = "ColdFusion"
        service = "ColdFusion"
        extaTest = "example text being sent"

[BlazeDS]01/21/2020 09:46:57.289 [DEBUG] [Endpoint.AMF] Serializing AMF/HTTP response
Version: 0
  (Message #0 targetURI=/1/onStatus, responseURI=)
    (Object #0)
      code = "Server.Processing"
      rootCause = null
      details = null
      message = "No destination with id 'FRTest' is registered with any service."

from web.xml

<servlet id="CFMLServlet"><servlet-name>CFMLServlet</servlet-name>
<description>Lucee CFML Engine</description>
<servlet id="RestServlet"><servlet-name>RestServlet</servlet-name>
<description>Lucee Servlet for RESTful services</description>
<servlet id="MessageBrokerServlet"><servlet-name>MessageBrokerServlet</servlet-name>
<description>Lucee Servlet for Flex Gateway</description>

Some logging info for you:

[BlazeDS]Channel endpoint my-cfamf received request.
[BlazeDS]Deserializing AMF/HTTP request
Version: 3
  (Message #0 targetURI=null, responseURI=/12)
    (Array #0)
      [0] = (Typed Object #0 'flex.messaging.messages.RemotingMessage')
        source = "eventservice"
        operation = "getEventVersion"
        timeToLive = 0
        clientId = "F889B029-DD0B-F0AA-D90A-448FE33B5B70"
        body = (Array #1)
          [0] = "4B9FA712-F7FA-494A-84AB-665FBDF3EA89"
        timestamp = 0
        headers = (Object #2)
          DSEndpoint = null
          DSId = "F8899617-0F09-7984-0554-586D27173331"
        messageId = "ED6055A5-D009-BFB2-3ADA-CF2217AD6433"
        destination = "ColdFusion"

[BlazeDS]Adapter 'cf-object' called 'eventservice.getEventVersion(java.util.Arrays$ArrayList (Collection size:1)
  [0] = 4B9FA712-F7FA-494A-84AB-665FBDF3EA89

[BlazeDS]Result: 'ASObject(384874370)....
[BlazeDS]Serializing AMF/HTTP response
Version: 3
  (Message #0 targetURI=/12/onResult, responseURI=)
    (Externalizable Object #0 'DSK')
      (Typed Object #1 'EventVersionVO')
        contact_name = ""
        images = (Externalizable Object #2 '')
          (Array #3)

Ok so this is a version 3 message, and the test code the developer gave produces version 0 messages. These look totally different. Not sure if this has helped but it’s great info thanks

Did you get this working amcss?
I have exact same setup & problem, driving me nuts!