Help updating 4.5 to 5 please



I am updating Lucee final to lucee- , windows server 2012, Tomcat 8, Java 1.8.0_144
I am a bit confused about where to put the jar file to update.

The update document says:

  1. Add the you downloaded to the “lib” directory in your existing Lucee install.

But I have either:

Which is full of jars, including a lucee.jar (modified 05/02/2015)
No, lib folder in here

Which has no files in. This context folder also contains the lucee-server.xml

Which has lots of jars but contains all the tomcat stuff so seems unlikely it goes here.

Is it E:\Lucee\lucee-server\context\lib it needs to go in, or somewhere else?

Many thanks


You should have a folder E:\Lucee\lib


Replace the old jar in E:\Lucee\lib .


I’m afraid I don’t have a folder E:\Lucee\Lib
Should I create it? and put it in there.
This is the Lucee Folder structure I have:


Does anyone have any further advice on this please, i’d really like to get it updated, especially with the new stable version just released.



It looks like you’ve got some kind of non-standard set up there. How was it installed originally?

I don’t recall seeing a jars folder in any of my previous Railo or Lucee installations. Also where is Tomcat installed? Can’t see it in your screenshot.

My advice would be to do a fresh install if that’s possible. There’s a windows installer which makes sure everything is in the right place.


I personally have never managed to get the upgrade process to work correctly. Are you able to uninstall then install a version 5?


I’ve inherited it, so I don’t know the exact method, but it was Railo, upgraded to Lucee, then has been getting automatic updates of minor installations.

Both Tomcat and Java are in seperate folder structures, presumably to make them easier to update, and that has been the case. The screen shot is just the “Lucee” install

WebApps are all on a seperate drive

I understand that a fresh install may be optimum, but It’s a production system containing several different sites, so i’m not keen to reinstall, especially as I can’t replicate the system locally.

Are there any paths \ files that should be relative to the Lucee\lib directory that I can either search for or reveal programatically that would help define where I should put the update in my scenario? Or is there anything in the admin that can help define this?


Not sure if it helps but key files seem to be in the following locations:

Configuration File: E:\Lucee\lucee-server\context\lucee-server.xml
lucee.jar: E:\Lucee\jars
version: E:\Lucee\lucee-server\context\version

The version file contains the code:
Which matches the version listed in my administrator, and was updated shortly after the release date of that patch on the 03/02/2017

There is an empty /lib folder in the same location as the version file:

I also have an E:\Lucee\lucee-server\patches\ folder
Which has .ico files for all the 4.5 patches
But this has no \lib siblings or children


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