Help! sqlLite.cfc crash with docs

The docs CI process is crashing

[java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError] error occurred while building the docs. Message: [java/sql/Driver]. Detail: [].

/home/travis/build/lucee/lucee-docs/api/sqlitecfc/lib/javaloader/JavaLoader.cfc (line 93)
/home/travis/build/lucee/lucee-docs/api/sqlitecfc/SqliteCFC.cfc (line 95)
/home/travis/build/lucee/lucee-docs/api/sqlitecfc/SqliteCFC.cfc (line 117)
/home/travis/build/lucee/lucee-docs/builders/dash/Builder.cfc (line 82)

anyone got any ideas?

looks like commandbox switching jdk versions broke it!

the previous and last successful build was with 1.8.0_151, now it’s using 11.0.2

Actually, CommandBox doesn’t seem to be using it’s JVM management. It should just be picking up whatever version of Java was in the path and ran the CLI

I assume the version of java was updated in the default Travis runner

Hmmm, so what changed? That was last changed in 2015?

Does anyone even use the dash version of docs?

bug filed