Happy world password day! CFML_HIBP password checker

A few years ago I built a simple tool called CFML_HIBP to check passwords against the HaveIBeenPwnd API. Might be useful for some of you to add to your pwd management pages.



I think it would be good to start implementing some passkey libraries that will soon be available on chrome and chromium as well. . I’ve taken a look at the WebAuthn API and could start studying the subject from here:

I saw in the source code that you were welcoming updates to regex. I modified your CFC as a UDF to return a single numeric breach count (so I could use it as an API) and used regex. Here’s the UDF source:


Nice! Thanks

“You should never use a password that you find in this dataset”

Every password you will ever think of is probably on that list.

You trust a browser in 2023 to do anything securely… #hahahahahahaha

you obviously don’t understand what this code does.

This isn’t Twitter dude.