Hacktoberfest 2020 and Lucee Docs

Hacktoberfest is here again, contribute and get a free t-shirt

If you want to participate, you can easily contribute to improving Lucee Docs

  • Improving the language
  • Formatting content
  • Adding, improving or annotating examples
  • Updating Content
  • Adding new content
  • Cross referencing or adding to categories
  • Adding better descriptions to the Yaml headers for each page, for search engine results


Just one small request, please don’t file a PR for each little improvement you make, it’s a pain to review and merge each little PR.

Just create a branch and make a series of changes on that branch, then file a PR.

Or fork and checkout a copy of https://github.com/lucee/lucee-docs locally, fire up a local instance with command box and use the gui editor I added, it’s nicer than using the github web editor.

Also please be aware we have a new Markdown linter CI in place, so make sure you don’t have any trailing spaces.

Of course don’t make the PR too large :slight_smile: keep it manageable

We already had a heap of updates to the examples, it’s just better if they aren’t all single file PRs


For github newcommers: I’d like to mention how easy it is to contribute to the Lucee Docs!!! As an usual CFML dev I was very surprised about it. Have been more actively envolved with it since then.

All you need is:

  • an github account
  • CommandBox on your local dev machine (if you don’t have or know CommandBox this is a good opportunity to see it in action :smiley:)
  • then go to githubs lucee/lucee-docs repository (see the link Zac already posted above), click on “code” and “download zip”
  • Unzip it and run the file “serve.bat” by double clicking it.

CommandBox will then run an local Lucee instance of the downloaded docs that has an inbuilt code editor for editing.

To edit the page, just click through to the page you’d like to edit and click the edit icon on the right side of the page. Make the changes and save it.

If you want to use VSCode for editing you can even make use of VScode extension “markdownlint” to help you with the correct Markdown syntax. In VSCode then:

  • do all the changes
  • To view your changes reload the page in the browser by clicking the “reload icon” ( on the top right side - menu bar). It will reload all resources

After updateting changes locally and viewing it on your lucees localhost, you just go online and edit all the files “online” and create the pull request (PR) online.

No need to use any fancy git command.