Guidance required: replacing CF10 Solr Collections

I am migrating from CF10 to Lucee.

The app uses the cfcollection / index / search a lot.

The Lucee docs say:

  1. Lucee uses Lucene. I know Solr was built on top of Lucene so are the ACF CFCollection, CFIndex, CFSearch tags compatible with Lucee’s?
  2. The Lucee docs say there are cfscript equivalents but where are they?
var collections = new cfcollection()
var collections = new collection()

both throw invalid component definition, can't find component
Do I need to enable it? or?

  1. Is there some sample code for collections somewhere?

  2. More generally, is there a docs page listing all the cfscript equivalents?


PS: I am also thinking about abstracting the whole “collections” thing to a separate Solr container so I can reuse it in non-Lucee places of future development (eg a RabbitMQ producer / consumer, for example)

Anyone had any experience using Solr in a container and connecting it to Lucee via docker-compose?