Graphs in Lucee

I asked the question on SO, if I can get some help, as I am trying to convert CF to Lucee

I see an error using CFCHART with Lucee. Same code works in CF. But in Lucee it try to refer to a file graph.cfm in a folder lucee. 

Do I need to create any mapping? Should this mapping be in Lucee admin or in IIS?

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It should automatically work. I did have this problem with Coldbox debugger graphs when I locked down admin in Apache. I just did /lucee and then got an error it couldn’t read graph.cfm in my WEB-INF. I had to change the lockdown to /lucee/admin.

I was able to get access to lucee admin and I noticed that there is already a mapping for /lucee pointing to {lucee-config}/context/
Then why I am seeing this error? Do this need an IIS mapping as well?

I encountered the same issue here with the existing, default mappings not lcoating graph.cfm
I ended up creating a virtual directory in IIS.

Be aware, if you upset those existing mappings you may find your Admin no longer works - my careful to back up the server and web .xml settings files.

I’d avoid graph.cfm at all costs and always block everything under /lucee at the webserver

did you try using the name attribute?

Hi, thanks for the reply. We are switching over an existing ACF application so it makes calls to graph.cfm in /web-inf/lucee/context - we’re not in a position at the moment to convert anything over.

The issue is that the given, default mappings in Lucee Admin don’t resolve the internal calls to the location of graph.cfm.

Can you show us what error you see? Chances are you’re proxy via IIS or Apache is not sending the traffic to CF at all. A good test is to see whether the URL works when hitting Lucee/Tomcat’s HTTP port directly and bypassing any external web server.

a quick example on how to use the cfchart name attribute

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To add, Lucee doesn’t seem to work with the URL parameter. Also, a few parameters the documentation says it doesn’t support, when it does (now)…


I could ask which ones, but you can always just edit the tag definition yourself and submit a PR (click then pen icon)

yell out if you need any help / questions

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