Google Cloud MemoryStore

Now Google have launched a Redis Memory Store we need a connection from Lucee to Redis.

The docs say

Install the extension from the Lucee extension store in Lucee admin. Please note that the extension is installable only in the server admin.

I can’t find this after extensive searching… Can anybody help please…

There is a semi-offical Redis extension available on the Beta extensions provider here:

Also there’s been some discussion you may find helpful about Redis extensions on this forum:

Also i think Ortus may have a commercial Redis offering:

Thanks - Weird I couldn’t find it yesterday! I think I was at which doesn’t contain any Redis! It also does not show up in

I understand the want to charge for software but it makes me think of Adobe - I hope that is not the future of Lucee…

LAS is a not for profit custodian of the Lucee code base; we don’t charge for Lucee software.

LAS Members like Ortus, and other participants in the wider community are of course free to offer whatever commercial services they want on top of the Lucee platform (in line with the LGPL license).

As far as I can tell, there appears to be two open source options (and one commercial option) for Lucee Redis. A Redis offering of one kind or other has been around for several years. You can contribute (or not) to these code bases.

This doesn’t sound anything like Adobe, but perhaps that’s just me :wink: