Getting the error Missing id property for entity when trying to load main.cfm

Using Lucee 4.5 and FW/1 when I try to go to my main.cfm page I get the Missing id property for entity cardholderrequest. If I turn ORM off it loads the page fine. I am sort of new to Lucee and FW/1. What does this mean? How do I fix it? I am using SQL server for my DBMS.

component accessors="true" persistent="true" table="cardholderrequests" {
    property name="id" column="id" fieldtype="id" generator="native";
    property name="activeIdentificationId" column="activeidentificationid" type="integer";
    property name="cardholderRequestStatusId" column="cardholderRequestStatusId" type="integer";
    property name="startDate" column="startDate" type="date";
    property name="endDate" column="endDate" type="date";
    property name="userId" column="user_id" type="integer" notnull="true";
    property name="updatedId" column="updated_id" type="integer";
    property name="createdAt" column="created_at" type="date" notnull="true";
    property name="updatedAt" column="updated_at" type="date" notnull="true";


Welcome to the community. Really can’t say. Lucee 4.5 is not supported for a good while now, so it’s likely you won’t get anyone around with similar issues. Any reason you do not want to upgrade? There have been plenty of fixes (also ORM changes) and new features. Lucee 6.0 is going to be launched soon. Can’t you get a supported version on a local testing environment to test your code?

Just updated. Thanks. I think I just used whatever was last installed. I updated to 6.0.0 beta. I am still getting the same error. Not sure what to do or where to look to fix it.

I ended up getting it working. I had started a new FW1 project with the “skeleton” template. There must have been something in that causing an issue. I started a new blank FW1 project and moved the files in one at a time and everything works fine.

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