Getting started with an app


I was wondering if anyone could provide some advice regarding an app that I’ve had on my mind for a while back but haven’t been able to get off the ground due to being in full-time work.

Anyway, I attended the CF development week and that revived my interest in developing my app further but I’m a bit unsure as how to progress and wondered if you have any suggestions or advice. I realise that your time is valuable but I thought I’d ask!

Currently I can see four ways forward for me

  1. Finding time outside of work to build on my original idea and develop a working prototype. This would mean I would have to learn CFML and programming to a more advanced level than my current knowledge and also find time outside of work. The upside being I would have improved my coding skills and would have the developed the source code.

  2. I raise the funds to hire developers to build the product for me. I imagine that this would be costly! However, not impossible.

  3. I find a team of likeminded developers who find the project interesting and are willing to take things forward on a joint basis. I noticed that there was a number of companies at the CF development week such as Ortus. Also, someone mentioned the CF Community develops projects. I kinda don’t know too much about the CF community so wouldn’t know who to contact etc.

  4. I also have a number of friends who may be interested in setting up a start-up company but obviously I would have to clarify the business idea and develop the product spec and figure out to launch and be viable etc.

Any ideas for options for proceeding would be welcome :slight_smile:

Best Regards,