Getting lucee scripts runing

So I’d like to start using the lucee dialect. However, i can’t seem to figure out where the configuration files are that would allow that. I made a test.lucee page with the word “Hello”. When I goto test.lucee I get the following error

I’m directed to:

to enable the dialect set the environment variable or system property “lucee.enable.dialect” to “true” or set the attribute “allow-lucee-dialect” to “true” with the “compiler” tag inside the lucee-server.xml.

Where do I find the environment variable, the system property or the lucee-server.xml file? The closest I’ve gotten to any of this is file under my tomcat root > conf > server.xml. I searched for the term ‘lucee’ and ‘compiler’ in the server.xml file but could find no reference to it.

Whats the trick?

Sorry about adding the photo three times. Not sure how that happened.

I’m running a mac mini with macOS Sierra ver. 10.12.6 within Tomcat 7. Lucee version