Getting IIS Virtual directories to work

Finally reinstalled Lucee and getting site migrated over.

On a Windows box.
I have lots of IIS virtual directories but none are being seen by Lucee.
I seem chatter on the boards but no actual how to get Lucee to see those virtual directories or make the equivalent in Lucee…

Any help would be appreciated.

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Any manual way to make em?

A workaround for now is to create the equivalent mappings in Lucee


That would be nice if I could find some info on how to do it… Scouring everything I can find, but no luck yet…

did you google it?

Lucee only serves cfml, cfc files, your web server handles everything else

Thanks this helps.
I was looking for the term virtual directory thus nothing was coming up.

feel free to help us improve the documentation, there’s an edit link on each page :slight_smile:

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You can iterate through the directories in the HTTP header and create Lucee mappings on a per application basis.
Here is the documentation that shows how to enable reading of IIS Virtual Directory mappings:


Super, thanks for the info!