Getting access to a Lucee Datasource inside a Java class

We have a usecase which inovolves some intesive DB processing that we’d like to implement a Java class. The Java class will be invoked from within a cfc template using createObject() and init() like so:

<cfset myJavaObj = createObject( "java", "some.package.MyJavaClass" ).init();
<cfset myVal = myJavaObj.someMethod()>;

I have a DataSource defined in my application.cfc. If needed, I can also define a DataSource in the Lucee Web Adminstrator.

How can I get a reference to this DataSource within my Java class? Ideally, I’d like back an object of type javax.sql.DataSource.

Appreciate any help that anyone can provide, Thanks!


This is an excerpt from code I use… Technically I suppose you only need the lucee line.

        if (Server.Coldfusion.ProductName is "Lucee") {
            con = getPageContext().getDataSourceManager().getConnection(getPageContext(), dsn, Username, Password);
        } else {
            con = ds.getConnection(Username,Password);

I know you asked for a datasource instead of a connection - it doesn’t look like DatasourceManagerImpl has an easy way to get that. (You see the ACF one does return a Datasource, Lucee not so much) . But if you get connection objects you also have the benefit of leveraging Lucee’s connection pools.

Another option would be to create a CFC that implements the getConnection() and getConnection(username, password) methods like javax.sql.DataSource defines, and use CreateDynamicProxy ( to pass an instance of your CFC as a javax.sql.DataSource implementation.

DatasourceManagerImpl here


User and pass can be null- it’ll use whats in the administrator if not provided.