getApplicationsettings() - suppressFunction

What does suppressFunction::boolean attribute do in getApplicationSettings?

Docs say:

Dumping the following all show exactly the same results ie. i never see “functions” returned:

<cfdump var="#getApplicationMetaData()#" label="getApplicationMetaData()">
<cfdump var="#getApplicationSettings(true)#" label="getApplicationSettings(true)">
<cfdump var="#getApplicationSettings(false)#" label="getApplicationSettings(false)">

Is this something that has become redundant in Lucee 5.2?

@micstriit i stumbled onto this trying to determine the value of Full Null Support.

Is it possible to determine what the value of this setting is without actually attempting some code that tries to leverage NULL support and watching it break?

And this effort stems from me attempting to set Admin settings via environment variables:

sample docker-compose.yml file

  build: ./5.2
   - "8052:8888"

when set to false you get the functions from the Application.cfc

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Ah… serves me right for having such a simple set up ie. no Application.cfc :slight_smile: