Get CFML Added to Codewars

I’m not sure if you guys listen to the Modernize or Die podcast (if not, you should), but Gavin has been working hard to try and get Codewars to support CFML as a language.

As it turns out, you can suggest a language using their Github repo. Gavin created an issue already and it would be great if you could head over there to give it a thumbs up! Hopefully, the Codewars team will see the interest and add the language to their platform.

Having CFML as a supported language on Codewars would really open the doors for new learning opportunities and fun coding challenges.

UPDATE: Thanks everyone! We did it!


@Gavin_Pickin (and the community) was successful! You can find it as a beta language on CodeWars now. It now needs the community to go and design Code Katas for people to solve.


That is awesome news!

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