Get CFFLUSH working in IIS8.5


I can’t seem to get CFFLUSH working on IIS 8.5. I have been searching the web, trying examples, but nothing seem to work.
Whitespace management is off;
In IIS i turned off compression and caching;
I updated the boncode FlushThreshold to 20000;
Upgraded to the last Lucee version (

Does anyone have any tips.


I would download a copy of Lucee locally and see if the code works running under jetty, or other environments such as Apache.

I will try to check this out later today and provide feedback. It should be working when you set a threshold, but it should be one of these two settings:



Hi Bilal, did you get the chance to test anything yet?

Regards Roy

I ran tests on fresh installs of Windows 2012 and Windows 2016. No issues with flush for me.
See uploaded image:

Also attaching simple test code:
FlushTest.cfm (914 Bytes)