German character problem uploading files up to Linux server with CFfile

Does anyone know why Coldfusion 10 will not upload files names with German characters like Umlauts correctly using CFfile.

When we load Auslieferungsqualität_deutsch.pdf file to the Linux server it puts it in the MySQL database correctly but on the file system its not recognising the ä and putting the file name as Auslieferungsqualit�t_deutsch1.pdf. Which means you cannot read the file. Yet if we upload the file to the server using cPanel file manager upload its fine.

I did find this comment on stackoverflow, but we cannot see how you fix it.
" It seems to be a tomcat problem that it sets question marks for special characters if the charset is unknown"
We need if for most charsets i.e. German, French, Turkish etc
Help much appreciated as we stuck on this and need to get it to work.

Its an OS Issue if its file related.

You will have to install the corresponding language packs that you are attempting to use.

As cf10 is quite old, I’d guess you’re also running an ancient version of tomcat?

Yes but Umlauts have been used long before CF10, someone would of addressed this problem before CF10 version of Tomcat…

It can’t be the OS as when you upload the file using cPanel file manager it load it on the Linux server ok, its CF cfile that does not load the file name with Umlauts

have you tried Lucee?

We going to Lucee but not until May now. It is the Tomcat that needs changing. I found someone at our hosting company who understands this and will make the fix for us, but he warns:

“I can make appropriate changes for CF, but there’s one thing I can’t guarantee. I can’t guarantee this won’t cause you other problems with character encoding. Unfortunately character encoding is one of those prickly things that needs absolutely everything to be inline for it to all work. So that means files saved as UTF-8, server using UTF-8, database using UTF-8, Tomcat using UTF-8 etc. etc.”

So we need to go through and make sure all databases are on UTF-8, before we can make the change and test all the apps afterwards.

Does this help?

Thanks I have passed it on.