Generic Connector Communication Error

I have installed the latest version of Lucee on a production server (Win 2019) and all my applications are working fine.

Now I have made a copy of the production server as a development environment.

Lucee runs as well as most of the applications. One application is getting the following error:

Generic Connector Communication Error:
Please check and adjust your setup:
Ensure that Tomcat is running on given host and port.
If this is a timeout error consider adjusting IIS timeout by changing executionTimeout attribute in web.config (see manual).

I was able to find the location of the error. Namely, at that point a large struct (more than 4000 elements) is assigned to another struct. Like this:

If I comment out the line, then everything runs fine except that all the texts are missing in the application.

Does anyone have an idea why this works in Prod and not in the “identical” Dev environment?

I would be very grateful for a helpful tip. I have already spent far too much time trying to find the error without a result so far.


Is it possible that the production server is faster than your dev environment, so that that piece of code is making the comnector to time out?

Did you turn on boncode logging to see if you can find any usefull information about what’s happening wirh the connector?

Another question: What happens if you open that page directly on port 8888? Does it timout too? How long does it run?

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As @andreas suggests, unless its a literally spliced virtual machine on identical resources, its not identical.

I would set the execution time way higher, by a factor of 10 and see what happens. If you have everything defaulted, at the top of the page(s) that are calling the code, put cfrequesttimeout=9000 or some non production value and see if it works.

Usually older processors with all the Intel mitigations tend to run a bit sluggish on any OS that has implemented them.

If that isnt it look at FWDN / NETBIOS / HOSTNAMES in your code and patch your host file accordingly.
Look at the firewall, if its not production, and its in a Dev sandbox, DROP the firewall.
disable IPv6
Check DNS revolvers and hostname.
Update when needed. Even dev boxes need code updates.

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Thanks to all for the tips and ideas!

The cfrequesttimeout is set to 3600. But the error occurs after 3 seconds. The log from the BonCode Connector says nothing about an error.

According to the debugging timers, the dev environment is many times faster than the prod environment. So I don’t think it has anything to do with the performance of the hardware. But who knows…

I found a solution in the meantime. The session memory was set to cookie in the admin. I set it back to Memory and suddenly the error is gone. What remains strange is that this setting works on Live and not on Dev. But there is enough memory, the setting is default, so I leave it like that now.

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If you have broadcom NICs you may need to update to the latest driver and disable rss.

Its a weird bug that plagues every tomcat box we have.