Generic Connector Communication Error and BonCodeAJP

I am new with Lucee (used CF a long time). In any case, I have had intermittent errors with message “Generic Connector Communication Error” etc. Someone suggested adding a “0” to the BonCodeAJP13.settings file, to force re-connection when there is a loss of connection.

The idea of forcing re-connections seems fine for now, but I do not understand what to do with “0” mentioned in that thread. Do I literally just add a new line in the BonCodeAJP13.settings file with just a 0 in the line? Add that anywhere in the file, or in a specific location?

The older thread, which mentions the “0” solution, is BonCodeAJP Connector - Generic Connector Communication Error

This is running IIS on Windows 2016 Datacenter.


Here is the current file:

<ModCFMLSecret>[long code]