Generate XLSX files

Hello, I have a website where HTML tables are created dynamically. Some cells are also linked. Now I would like to offer an export function with which the tables can be saved as xlsx files. I have now read that Lucee does not offer spreadsheet manipulation. So something like SpreadsheetMergeCells or SpreadsheetNew. Before I look any further. What would you recommend to generate XLSX files and offer them as a download? Cells also have to be merged.

Thank you,
I wanted to try cfspreadsheet-lucee-5 first.
I copied the lex file into the lucee-server\deploy directory as described on the website. After that, a folder was automatically created with the name “failed-to-deploy”. What kind of error is that now? I have to be honest, I’ve really had enough of Lucee. There’s always something. Things always don’t work or there’s no solution. I’m considering whether we shouldn’t switch to Adobe Coldfusion instead. That can’t be right.

@donald - take a look at the other option:

This is the beast and easiest way to work with spreadsheets and is actively maintained by @Julian_Halliwell and you don’t have to mess around with installing extensions.

Thanks, I tested the example from their website:

spreadsheet = New spreadsheetLibrary.Spreadsheet();
data = QueryNew( "First,Last", "VarChar, VarChar", [ [ "Susi", "Sorglos" ], [ "Frumpo", "McNugget" ] ] );
workbook =;
spreadsheet.addRows( workbook, data );
spreadsheet.write( workbook, "c:/temp/data.xls" );

I was a bit surprised that an Excel file is written to the hard drive of the web server. I hope I can also use it to create xlsx files for visitors and that they can then save the files on their PCs.

If you are looking to download to the client look at the download() function that helps with this:

There is also a useful downloadFileFromQuery() function.