FW1 redirect and escape characters in URL

What would cause escape characters to render in a URL like this?

Using CommandBox to deploy server and FW1- Framework 1.

Version Lucee

Version Name Gelert
Release date Mar 18, 2024 Remote IP

Loader Version
Servlet Container WildFly / Undertow - 2.2.28.Final
Java 21.0.2 (Homebrew) 64bit
Host Name
OS Mac OS X (14.3.1) 64bit
Architecture 64bit

Don’t know what exactly you are asking for. But in your case, if the URL variable “action” should be populated with the value “admin:newsite”, then it should be escaped like in your example with code similar to this:


I’m trying to run existing code in Framework 1.

a dump shows this as the target URL:

location ('/fw1-sa/index.cfm?action=admin:main');

and this is what appears in browser:

I’m asking if this is normally how the URL should appear in the browser? Or should the colon not be encoded?

I believe that is by design, as described here:

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