FusionReactor and error handling with onError in Application.cfc


I am using onError in my application.cfc to handle errors i.e. email me basic details and redirect user to a custom error page. From my observations, the error information is not captured by FusionReactor in Requests> Error History. I guess this is normal behavior as I capture the error with onError.

What is the best way to deal with errors in a Lucee web application while benefiting from the tools of FusionReactor? Should I eliminate onError in application.cfc and instead use a template in the Error section of Lucee server admin?

I explore the different possibilities and the Error section of Lucee does not allow to make a redirection in case of error. It is apparently only possible to display the content of the template where the error occurs.

I would like to offer a full custom page in case of error. I am looking on the side of IIS.

Any advice is welcome.

Thank you.

Here’s what seems to work from my preliminary tests, although I can’t test it with FusionReactor yet. My trial version has expired on my dev environment.

  1. I am not using onError in application.cfc
  2. I check the checkbox In case of an exception, should individual status codes be returned? Untick to always return 200 status code in the Error section of the Lucee server admin.
  3. I define a template in the Error pages module of IIS for the status code 500.

Lucee no longer emailed me the error, but I can probably get it emailed to me through FusionReactor.

Do you handle it in a similar way?