Front End Post page or not

Hi all,
I have a small system to develop, typical CRM solution.
At a very very broad brush level, (I know its a long topic).
Should we do what we have always done for years and to CRUD operations by posting the page back and running cfml on the server.
or do we use front end tools only and all crud operations is done by using an API and no javascript calls.
I know we can do both but is it still the case that 90% of apps are posting back…

If its an ASK for an opinion, the answer is… KISS, keep it simple stupid… If for years what you have done works, there is no reason to try something new on someone elses dime. Learn the “new” on your own time.

I have found that somethings “just work” and despite all the new fancy “____”.

JSON, XML, API, AJAX (Remote Executable Application binding —yeah i am that old), all terms for doing exactly the same thing, Pulling or pushing data for a server to interact with it at some level. I guarantee nobody cares at the technical level how your code is written, they only care about result. The poeple that actually care about how many indents or what API you used, usually are the same people who should be fired as they are redundant, make work folks who are ideologically flawed if not intellectually clinging to some illogical belief that there way, is the best way.

If you want to build something new, using new tech, then do it on your time so you can fully explore all the pitfalls and all the perks of the “new” way and are not at the end of the project rushing to slap in break fixes.

So its not like simple page posts are wrong, bad or bad practice then?
Thanks, that’s helpful…
As you say it depends who you ask and the customer doesn’t care.
I suppose I am always thinking of keeping myself as employable as possible too and dont want to be stuck on something just because its all I know.

Learn more programming languages, developer frameworks and or other technical items. Nothing says employed like knowledge. :slight_smile: