Framework-one-secure-auth help

I’m trying to get framework-one-secure-auth (GitHub - ddspringle/framework-one-secure-auth: An example fw/1 application with secure single and two-factor (2FA) authentication and session management functions) running and I’m running into this too many redirects error:

I’m having this issue when entering an invalid login.

I login with an invalid login and it goes to 404 and then gets in an endless loop of 501 until browser stops it?

It goes here and then gets in an endless loop:

		if( !qGetUser.recordCount ) {
			// there isn't, redirect to the logout page
			variables.fw.redirect( action = 'main.logout', queryString = 'msg=404' );

Lucee (Gelert) Os (CFML Version 2016,0,03,300357) Running with Commandbox