Foreign characters in variables

Hey everyone. I’m trying to store the languages our site is translated in within a structure. Everything looks fine when I create the structure within VS Code. When I output the language with special characters (Español) to the page, I see a diamond with a question mark where each special character is in the word.

Lucee, VS Code and everything else is set to use UTF-8. I have tried everything. Switch to system fonts and double checked everything I could think of under the sun. Any thoughts on how to correct this?

UPDATE This is happening if I place the text directly into the html. I just listed the file encoding on the server and it is 100% utf-8. I also look at the file on the server and it is displaying the special characters correctly.

Welp, I figured it out. The encoding was correct within Lucee for “Web charset”, but the “Template” & “Resource” charsets were set to US-ASCII. This has been this way forever. I guess that is important. LOL.

That is 2 hours that I will never get back. Have a great day everyone.