Forcing queries to return empty string for null columns

I’m working on convert a very large codebase to work in Lucee. One of the issues I’m struggling with is the use of null values. The code base has a lot of usage of the concept of null (even though ACF traditionally has not handled this well). If we set Lucee to “partial”, which is supposed to be compatible with ACF, we are number of differences and that break our code. For example:

function test(){

In ACF, test() would return a null value. In Lucee, with “partial null” enabled, it returns an empty string.

Enabling “full null” returns null as expected, but then queries that have null values return null instead of an empty string.

Is there a way to set ACF for “full null”, but still have database convert null values to strings?

I’ve been looking at the various Lucee drivers looking to see if there’s an option that might do this, but haven’t found anything.

Are there any advanced ways to control how the null support works? Is there anything that forces null support to work just like ACF?