Followup from lucee installer to lucee.war

This is a sort of follow up on:

Since most of that setup no longer excist, and my knowledge of tomcat and lucee is different now i decided to open a new topic.

Platform: CentOS6.9(selinux disabled) / apache tomcat 8.5.16 / jdk 1.8.51 (same as the latest lucee installer)

The website i am trying to make is
I have a vhost in apache for this site
The files for the website are in /home/getij/stage2/public/html
Tomcat is installed in /usr/tomcat
I have deployed lucee.war

In my httpd config:
<Proxy >
Allow from

ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyPassMatch ^/([cm])(/.
)?$ ajp://localhost:8009/$1$2

My server.xml in /usr/tomcat:

The lucee.war succesfully deploys in this site
21-Sep-2017 15:24:54.339 INFO [] org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig.deployWAR Deployment of web application archive [/usr/tomcat/webapps/lucee.war] has finished in [2,207] ms

But still when i access resolves to on both my server and client) i get to see the text of a cfm file.

I would appreciate some help since i think i am almost there.

If you see the text of the CFML code, that means your CFML servlet filter in the web.xml isn’t set up to capture the files and route them to Lucee. If this is a war install, you want the web.xml in your web-inf folder of the war. The war comes with this set up out of the box, so not sure why it’s not working. It’s possible that your proxy isn’t firing and Apache is just serving the files directly. You’ll need to debug this.

Thank you

in tomcat there is a a file in conf named context.
Default it has this value:
I assume this file will check every deployed app, and get the web.xml

I tried to merge the web.xml of the lucee.war with the web.xml of the one in ./tomcat/conf
I tried to add a entry to ./tomcat/conf/context:

I notice that the lucee installer tomcat does make a website by making an xml file in /tomcat/conf/catalina/. It does this using mod_cfml. I then copies the entire WEB-INF to the Document root of the VHOST.
I dont understand this, i ve tried to copy the WEB-INF of the lucee.war and i tried to copy the content of the WEB-INF of the lucee installer. Not being able to create a working site(where cfml files are being processed)

The apache config is edited by the lucee installer, i tried the setup created by the lucee installer(it does not touch the apache vhost). And i tried to proxy in apache using ajp.

I wonder what the and the uriworker properties in de tomcat of the installer are four (i have tried them in my tomcat)

I also tried to access the site using the tomcat port directly, it then to opens the text of the CFML

Is the person who makes the installer for lucee able to shed light on this matter?

Have you seen this guide? It walks you through most everything you need to take a stock Tomcat installation and install Lucee on it. The paths on Windows might be a bit different, but the config files are all called the same thing.

Also this topic seems applicable:!topic/lucee/fCnBe1_CS6Y

Also, this guide, but just s/railo/lucee/g

With this link:

i was able to get a working installation of lucee on CentOS 6.9, i made some correction regarding the place of the jars but its working. Thank you very much.

Install tomcat
create a dir in tomcat home named lucee
place the lucee-jars in the lucee folder in tomcat home
edit the common loader in {tomcat home}/conf/server.xml as mentioned in the link on top of this post
Edit the {tomcat home}/conf/web.xml to load the cfml applets as mentioned in the link top of this post

Create a site in {tomcat home}/conf/server.xml using this page

Create a proxy config when using httpd:

When you are migrating from lucee installer to tomcat make sure you install the website once using the lucee installer, grab the WEB-INF folder lucee installer copies to the home folder of your site, when configuring the site without lucee you need to add this folder.

Maybey with some more troublshooting i can get the war file to work, but all my previous attempts failed

Thank you once again!