Folder structure change on IIS connnected Lucee install

I had to change the directory structure on my site running on IIS, Lucee 5 current version. Lucee can now not find it and recreated the web-inf folder using the old path. Where are the central config files that I need to modify to point at the new web root?

are you using mod_cfml?

I don’t know. I installed lucee using the installer.

Can’t check it right now because I’m in vacations and far from accessing my configuration, but as far as I remember this quick try should work:

-> go into Lucees directory,
-> go into “conf \Catalina” directory
-> create a directory with the same domainname (or hostheader id) you set up in IIS.
-> create a file called ROOT.xml

The file ROOT.xml should have the entry of the IIS directory you are pointing to inside the docbase-attribute of the context tag.


For set up in IIS with a webroot pointing to c:\wwwroot_yoursiteA\

Create the ROOT.xml in:

<Context docBase=“c:\wwwroot_yoursiteA”">

If you are accessing an IP Address over IIS, the folder name in the conf/catalina/ should also be the IP Address. Example: lucee\conf\Catalina\\ROOT.xml

That should work

yup, and that is basically the process which mod_cfml completely automates for you

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Yep - there they are. Thanks much!